Welcome to The Betting Experts

We have assembled a team of top sports betting experts in order to present this exclusive sports betting service, which has been specifically designed for the discerning sports bettor.

Every one of our experts is a specialist in his chosen sport. Emmet Malone and Charles Eden on Football, Hugh Cahill on Rugby, Richard Pugh on Pointers, Rory King on Midweek British Racing, Will Lattimore on Everyday Irish Racing.  Each one has an insight into the nuances of the discipline in which he specialises, possessing an expertise that has been achieved through years of following and betting on the sport.

Crucially, each expert also has a thorough understanding of betting. They share the crucial philosophy on value in betting: you can only make a long-term profit from betting if you can consistently bet at odds that are greater than true odds.

A key component of this service is the presentation of the rationale behind every selection. As well as receiving the recommended bets when you become a Private Client of a specific sport on The Betting Experts, you also receive a thorough explanation of the rationale behind the bet. Each betting expert will take you through the thought process that he went through before he concluded that the recommended bet was value at the available odds.

If you are seeking a continuous stream of short-term betting hits, then this is not the service for you.  However, if you are looking to become a Private Client of an exclusive betting advisory service that provides you with expert analysis of sporting events, with informed advice and detailed rationales, giving you a real chance of making a continuous and long-term profit, then read on.

* New pricing structure for 2014, you can now sign up to any sport for one month!